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T R U E L I F E I N G O D 90 H is E minence A rchbishop C hucrallah -N abil E l -H age M aronite A rcheparchy of T yre , L ebanon Seeking peace by trying to find unity among all the peoples of the earth, seems to be the task that Vassula Ryden has given herself, or rather the task that heaven has offered her. It is in this perspective that our last visit to Moscow should be viewed. Indeed, our pilgrimage to Russia to honor Russian Orthodoxy and seek to draw from the deep roots of the Russian people the unity achieved between different ethnic groups, religions and churches could only encour- age us in our quest for peace and unity. Moreover, the emblem we tried to live: “building bridges”, could only push us to leave our home in order to relive the exodus of the Hebrew people and go to the search of both God and the different other. In this search, we have adopted the basic principle of listening with empathy and interest to the brother (or sister) with whom we live, not only to better know him (her) but also to find his thirst too for peace and unity, and then to accumulate all the points that can unite us and enable us to live with him in a harmony similar to that which we have encountered in the splendid Russian churches that we have visited. Coming out of oneself, rejection of any fear that the other may inspire, knowing and recognizing him in his enriching difference, freeing oneself from any hasty judgment or based on hearsay, getting rid of any hatred that may come from a heavy and sad past in order to welcome, enter into communion and even love without conditions, that seems to be for us the way that can lead to a unity which must of course be sustained by a humble and continuous dialogue to dispel any misunderstanding and be crowned by our love of God who is both master and giver of any peace and unity. Let us remember finally what Pope Francis says: “The search for peace is an open-ended task, a responsibility that never ends and that demands the commitment of everyone. True Life in God The complete True Life in God messages (from 1986 - 2003) are available in a beautiful leather bound, 1150 page, book. The book can be ordered on the internet and supplied worldwide from: +44 (0)1280 860308 The book is also available from: Salve Regina Books & Gifts 236 West Portal Ave. #823, San Francisco CA 94127 USA Tel: +1 (415) 989-6279 AATLIG PO Box 413 East Amherst NY 14051 USA Tel: +1 816-461-8888 TLIG Australia PO Box 856 Robina QLD 4226 Australia Tel: + (07) 5593 3373