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T R U E L I F E I N G O D 86 F r . E milianos A boumrad , G reek O rthodox P arish P riest of M onsef and S hikhan , M ount -L ebanon God be with you and bless you! We are very, very grateful and we thank True Life in God and mainly you, Yolla, and the team with you, also our dear sister, the good lady Vassula for this huge and successful event. We wish you success, we hope you would reach and spread more and keep delivering the message of the Gospel. God bless you and sanctify you! We are fully ready to remain connected and to serve at any time you call us to serve. God bless you and sanctify you! H is G race A rchbishop A ntoine C hahda ,S yriac C atholic A rchbishopof A leppo ,S yria I thank you very much for everything you did for us. It was a beautiful gathering with a lot of sharing (or exchange) of experiences. We always hope that the message reaches where it must reach: to everyone, so that the faith of everyone becomes strong. We hope that, in the future, things would have become more expanded and people would then be more zealous to work with each other in love as we saw, acted and said. Greetings to Vassula and to the teamwho worked hard in preparing the program. May the Lord give you strength and may our Lady protect you. Thank you again for this beautiful gathering! H is G race , A rchbishop A nil J oseph T homas C outo , A rchbishop of the R oman C atholic A rchdiocese of D elhi Dear Theodora, Thank you very much for the extremely well-organised TLIG pilgrimage 2017. Kindly convey my profound thanks to Vassula and the rest of the TLIG organizing team. I enjoyed every moment of it though I had to leave earlier. It was a wonderful experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit who brings the whole of humankind together through the unity of the Church celebrated in the Eucharist. I consider myself privileged to have been part of this joyful journey towards communion. Be assured of my prayers and with love. S heikh M ohammed A li E l -H ajj A li A l - A mili D irector - S eminary of I mam A s -S ajjad , B eirut I was pleased to be with all of you; with my heartfelt gratitude to all the organizers; I wish everyone good health and well-being, and I strongly apologize for any mistake made by me. May you remain under the care and protection of God.