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T R U E L I F E I N G O D 84 S anghanayaka S uddhananda M ahathero , P resident , B angladesh B ouddha K risti P rachar S angha , D harmarajika B uddhist M onastery , A tisha D ipankar S arak , B a - sabo , S abujbag , D haka -1214, B angladesh To: Divine Messenger Sister Vassula Ryden Divine Emissary of True Life in God Greece Most Dear Sister,Thank you very much for your kind email of the 15th September, 2017. I am happy to know that the pilgrimage was attended by new friends of Muslim Community. From Sujit I came to know about the attendance of a Vietnam Buddhist Monk. You are relentlessly working for the unity, peace and fraternity among all faiths. Such great efforts should be given due recognition from the peace loving organization of the world. I wish you in sound health, mind and long life. May all beings be happy. With best wishes, S heikh I yad A bdallah , I mam of A l -A jami M osque , S hheem , L ebanon Good morning everyone, God bless you! The best thing about our trip was that we got to know people like you. Knowing you makes us proud. A heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Vassula and the organizing team who have served the pilgrims without any failure. I thank God again for allowing us to meet you and I thank you again. Thank God for our safe trip home! V enerable D r . M ichel T hao C han , P resident & F ounder “C ercle de R eflexion des N ations ” (CRN) S ino -E uropean D evelopment F ormation & C ulture (SED-FC) The pilgrimage lifted up by the great souls of more than 80 Cardinal, Archbishops, Bishops, Reverends, Rabbi, Iman, Venerable coming from different nations and faith, is a Historic Event. This pilgrimage has been a true blessing in its depth of inspiration and realisation. I was seeking the mindfulness, I was inspired every day by “Love and faith” during the Mass of more than 900 great souls of brothers and sisters.The pilgrimage that ranks above all is to walk in the footsteps of the builders of sacred cathedrals, vibrated by living icons of Jesus, God and Saints. Depth reconnaissance to Vassula and her dedicated team (Theodora, Yolla, and others…) who remind to us by their attitudes during the ‘11th Ecumenical Pilgrimage’ that true life in God, the heart of our Heart, the ultimate spot is neither [a] Utopia, nor a Feasibility but a Forgotten Truth.