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T L I G M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 3 9 83 H is E xcellency B ishop M arkos G ebremedhin V icar A postolic of J imma -B onga E thiopian C atholic C hurch B ishop delegate for P eace and J ustice desk in E thiopia B ishop delegate for R eligious issues in E thiopia I just want to thank you for all the care and wonderful and graceful time we have been enjoyed with TLIG since my arrival in Moscow.Thank you so much and God bless you. My sincere thanks also to Mrs. Vassula. S r . B etty N akyanzi , RSCJ, K ampala U ganda , F ormer T eacher , L ecturer and P rioress Dear Vassula, This reflection you have sent us is touching indeed!!! I feel as if I was there in this pilgrimage you just had. It is rich and I keep on sharing these Messages with my friends in Uganda.We are always behind you and praying for you, the Almighty God to keep on granting you His Wisdom and all you ask of Him. And where we are, we also play our part to make these Messages we receive known to our friends. God bless you in all. Much love and prayer. A buna E lias C hacour M elkite (G reek C atholic ) A rchbishop E m of A cre , H aifa , N azareth and all G alilee Dear Vassula. Since we were in Moscow, I was motivated to write a letter of gratitude for inviting me to that historical event. What was most impressive is the big gathering of people and the care everyone showed to his neighbor. The celebration of the liturgies in different denomination was most impressive. I hope you appreciated both celebrations of the Eucharist, the Orthodox one and the Melkite Catholic one. This is somehow living unity within the respect of the diversity. I just finished reading your exciting book “True Life in God”, needless to emphasize how deeply impressed I was with your thoughts, with your vision and mainly with your familiarity with God. I strongly believe that to be close to our neighbor we have first to become one with God, in that case the neighbor is not a tolerated person, but is a welcomed partner. The neighbor ceases to be a guest since he becomes a real partner. This is what we live every day, with regards of our Muslim brothers and sisters, they stream to our school. They are now over 60% of our constituency. We never welcome them as our guests, we open our arms and our hearts to have them as our partners. We have so much in common. We need to emphasize this fact, what divides us should be mutually respected. God will do the rest. This is what you are doing dear Vassula. I pray that you continue the way you opened for a True Life in God, we will always be honored to participate in [your] mission and learn from your visions. Yours sincerely,