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T R U E L I F E I N G O D 82 S heikh N izam B oukhzam , P resident of the L ebanese H ouse E stablishment for E nvironment , D ruze D enomination Good morning everyone, It was a successful trip mainly because we got to know the admirable persons that you are. The biggest thanks goes to our sister Vassula and her organizing team and to our brothers Georges, Chadi and sister Yolla. I apologize for any wrong that came out of me. S heikh D aneel A bdel K halek , D ruze , L ebanon - P resident of T ogether for H umanity A ssociation One of the best experiences in my life. After it, I feel different from the person I was before it. M ost R ev . O liver D oeme D ashe , B ishop and T rustee , C atholic D iocese of M aiduguri ., N ortheast N igeria Dear Theodora. ... I wish to thank Vassula for the opportunity given to me to come for the conference in Russia. It was a wonderful experience. We are grateful to God for Vassula. She is a gift to the church and to humanity. Praying for the Lord's blessings to be bestowed upon you and your family members. God blessed. +Oliver Doeme M etropolitan G eorge H addad Thank you to all the brethren who shared with us these blessed days. In love, I pray to the success of the missions and calls of everyone, hoping to meet you soon and see you good and healthy.