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T L I G M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 3 9 67 Sheikh Nizam Boukhzam President of the Lebanese House Establishment for Environment Druze Denomination The Journey of Peace Dear ones .. Who stand before me representing all religions, races and nationalities. Nothing prevents us from meeting here and nothing hinders our communication. But - most importantly - we must know how to communicate, what is the subject of our dialogue and what is the reason behind it. We should not repeat the language that does not serve our unity and does not safeguard our companionship. We should not focus on learning how to speak and how to dialogue. It is more important to learn how to apply our words and the content of our dialogue sessions. Words are useful only if followed by deeds, otherwise it’s cunning, deceit and gossip. Ladies and Gentlemen, coming from far and wide, what have you seen here, and what about the situation in your countries? What obliges you here to accept others while, in your hometown, you refuse them and maybe kill them? Isn’t that contradiction and duality? Do we boast about our humanity and our openness only in front of other people but, in our own countries, we live and practice what is truly within us? The question, ladies and gentlemen, needs to be asked and repeated. What do we really want and do we really accept others?! Maybe we need a minute of silence to mourn the dishonesty that we practice against ourselves in the first place and then against others. Let’s kill then this evil spirit that accompanies us and possesses us and live then with a new spirit that, hopefully, will [be] simple and not malicious! Ladies and Gentlemen, in the world we have those who have really worked for unity and coexistence. But their work was individual and dangerous. Because the language of love and good has many enemies whose capabilities are big enough to silence any voice that contradicts their deceit. We have contributed through the Lebanese House Establishment for the Environment, over which I have the honor to preside and which I previously had the honor to establish, to highlight the question of citizenship as it deserves. We tried not to speak for the sake of speaking. And not to repeat ourselves as well as the theories around that complex subject. But we wanted through that to try and make each person ask themselves about this issue: “Did my way of thinking ascend to the level of humanity?” From there, we entered into a different mindset, away from the glamorous slogans that each person will end up forgetting, because the goal is to serve the community, not just brainstorming and wasting time. Ladies and Gentlemen ... I invite myself and I invite you to say only what we really feel within us. Because the situation today, tomorrow and yesterday, requires only inner sincerity that will be reflected in external deeds. Otherwise, our meetings will remain within known limitations. I don’t call upon you today to be humanitarian, but my call for you today is to be reasonable. Humanity without reason does not work. And reason without knowledge causes damage instead of benefit. The consequences of our humble work can spread into a vast geographic area. Because where there is a will, all obstacles are removed and when the visions are one, all the ideas are understood the way they should be understood. I end my speech by saying... Think once and one hundred thousand times before you destroy the lives of others through the words you utter. And think thousands of times before you even think so that your thinking remains the action of reason and knowledge. May you remain makers of good and I wish you Peace. How to bridge our divisions and bring peace to the world