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T R U E L I F E I N G O D 6 The 11th TLIG pilgrimage to Moscow took place from the 2nd to the 10th of September, and went beautifully. We would like to extend our thanks and express our affection and admiration to the competent and devoted organizing team who prepared it in such a perfect and flexible manner. Before anything else it would be useful to remember that the goal of the TLIG pilgrimages is neither tourism nor evangelization. 1 Their origin and foundation is found in a request made by Christ to Vassula, followed by an act of faith which is regularly renewed (every 2 years).Their aim is to level the ground and to pave the way to Christian unity as a means to achieve the conversion of the world, i.e. the accomplishment in apotheosis of the ONE Church, which is Christ’s Mystical Body. What is at stake is unique and total. All well considered, it is enormous! It is like a two-stage rocket! Christian unity being the first stage and the conversion of the world the second. Neither stage is conceivable in isolation, without the other.The second stage cannot be ignited before the first one has successfully put Christian unity into orbit! As for us, we are invited to the launch pad of the Divine rocket base, to give the contribution that God asks of us and expects from us. God needs man because that is His wish! “Perhaps it is time to abandon the archaic and naive image of an Almighty God in order to witness instead of a God who is entirely innocent and is the first victim of evil; of a God whose presence is within us and whom we must keep within since He made the infinitely loving and risky decision to appear on earth only when we allow Him to emerge through us. Only this God gives a meaning to the universe and to human life.” (cf. Michel Fromaget / Abbé Zundel, Editions Paroles et Silence). So, this 11th pilgrimage which we have just completed in happiness and faith is first of all a reunion, a meeting “arm in arm” with God and with other human beings, an experience. It is a celebration of hope. It is an inner celebration, felt on the inside. 2 What we are talking about here is indeed a unique event of a familial character. Each pilgrimage is unique and happens at a precise moment in time. We are not dealing with habit, tradition or ritual, but with a march forward. A march forward which is lived inside of us. And in that sense these TLIG pilgrimages remind us of the beginnings of our history, with Abraham.The words God addressed to Abraham, our father in faith, are the same ones He addresses to us today: Arise and go, and walk to the land which I shall show you. And Abraham went... what an act of faith! Today we, in turn, have been given the joy and the dignity of experiencing this same act of faith! Get up, un-settle yourself, go and walk towards the land which I shall show to you. And by His grace, Jesus, through His instrument Vassula, has put us on the road towards unity. We should mark with red ink this 11th, 2017 stage of the already long pilgrimage we have shared in together starting in Jerusalem in 1998, in the spirit of the promise of the ONE Church. In addition to the dominant ecumenical dimension present in all TLIG pilgrimages, this one had a marked inter-religious dimension. In our times, each of these dimensions, when they are linked together, gives the other meaning. This makes us see in a new light the dual aim on which the Spirit invites us to set our sights from now on: Christian unity and the conversion of the world. The two elements of this dual aim, thus illuminated, now become inseparable in our minds. Never again shall we be able to work on the one without taking the other into account. We are at a new stage; a revolution is taking place in our mindsets. It is the Revolution of 2017, coming a hundred years after the Revolution of 1917 which ravaged the dear nation now welcoming us, and the fruits of 2017 will far exceed in glory the well-known fruits of 1917, which were produced in horror. To many of us, to our way of thinking and of seeing things, this is an entirely new situation, and only realizing this in serenity, will reveal its relevance. If we are attentive to the 1 Evangelization, in the TLIG movement, has its special and more appropriate place in retreats organized for young people under the pastoral guidance of priests; or at conferences given by (selected) TLIG “witnesses”, or during Vassula’s numerous conferences in the various countries of the world to which she is invited; and lastly, through the testimony of readers of True Life in God. 2 We must experience things by living them from the inside to be able to understand them (this is what a child does at every second of its life).The outsider’s view and one’s own personal frame of reference are the preferred tools used from “the observation deck”. All they can hope to do is hinder “Love brought to Life”. The 2017 Pilgrimage: A Success!