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T R U E L I F E I N G O D 38 Venerable Dr. MichelThao Chan President and Founder of Cercle de Réflexion des Nations (CRN), Secretary General of Sino-Europe Development Formation Culture (SED-FC) Introduction How to bridge our divisions and bring peace to the world”? Interfaith Panel Moscow Jewish Community Center I have been asking this question intensely for a long time, especially since I founded the “Cercle de Reflex- ion des Nations” in the United Nations in New York in 1994 with educational programs for the leaders and humanity projects in order to build peace in the world. It’s an existential question of our Existence itself, so there is no absolute answer, however from the inner of each of us, we apply this every day in a conscious or/ and unconscious way to maintain our balance in life. I have no answer even today; But an ultimate spot from within gives me the courage to advance each day in the understanding of this questions with concrete issues of Why,When andHow to realize these“PeaceBuilding.” The question closer to us today is: «How to bridge our divisions.» My belief is that: »Only what is beyond us brings us together.» Interfaith Panel Moscow Jewish Community Center Thank you very much for inviting us all in your center. This is the first time in all the 11 pilgrimages that we have been doing, that we have been invited in a Jewish Center. So that is very new, thank you! I think the vision of Unity in Diver- sity is what we carry, all here, in our hearts and this is the aim why we have the pilgrimages. It started to be pilgrimages for Christian Unity, just Christian Unity and it went on for some time: Unity in Diversity. So we have gone forward, I must say and these are all my witnesses here, that it was not just a dialogue because it’s good to have dialogues, in dialogue we progress to understand one another, but it’s also to put it into action. Action is impor- tant. Prayer, dialogue and action to go forward. Be- cause, I would be very disappointed when we finish all these talks, which are wonderful talks, brotherly talks, out of heart, and then we go back and we do nothing about it. We’ll never progress. We’ll be just like - sometimes I describe it when we don’t move - a wheel that is a square not round; it doesn’t go forward. But this time we opened more and that was an inspiration from God because God leads us into this. So we have heard the calling of God to go forward and open more to other religions to get them together with us. And we have managed to have some of the Muslims and we thank also Rabbi Alon who has accepted our invita- tion; we have Buddhists as well, and we had our talks now for reconciliation and unity. Of course all this is done with love. Without love we can be talking and talking and we can be saying the most beautiful words but without sincere love we can never go forward. So this is what I want to say. Vassula Ryden Greek Orthodox Church