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T R U E L I F E I N G O D 28 Mohammed Mazharul Islam, Imam Dhaka City Big Mosque Green Road Dhaka, Bangladesh Most Respected Vassula Ryden, Reverend Fathers, Cardinals, Bishops, Distinguished Members of TLIG, Ladies and Gentlemen, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. At the beginning, I wish to express my deep respect and heartiest greetings to you all. My last one year’s hopes and aspirations to be in TLIG Pilgrimage in Moscow have been foiled. My dream has been vanished. But yet I am happy that the TLIG Pilgrimage -2017 in Russia is nicely going to be held. I have my deep friendship with many dedicated members of TLIG. I am grateful to all of you particularly to Vassula Ryden, Per Ryden, Theodora, Anne Marie Peters, Karol, Catharina. I wish to particularly welcome the new Brothers from Syria and Lebanon with whom I had much desire to be acquainted and express my best wishes of fraternity. Bangladesh is a peaceful country of majority Muslims. We all live unitedly and we have religious tolerance. Every two years, TLIG does a very big job by organizing our gathering in various countries of historical, archaeological and religious interest. I express my gratitude to TLIG for their continuous generosity in inviting me. Islam is a religion of peace. I whole-heartedly wish that this pilgrimage will contribute in establishing peace, friendship and harmony among all people of the world. I wish the TLIG Russia Pilgrimage a great success. Mohammed Mazharul Islam Brief remarks of Mohammed Mazharul Islam of Bangladesh on the occasion of the TLIG Pilgrimage in Moscow Please subscribe to the True Life in God magazine. The TLIG magazine is a perfect way to introduce friends and family to True Life in God! The TLIG Magazine keeps you up to date on what is happening in True Life In God! The magazine is distributed in North America through the American TLIG Association, contact (phone 1-816-461-8888) It is distributed to the rest of the world through TLIG Buckingham in the UK, contact (phone +44 1280 860308 )