TLIG magazine issue 44

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 4 35 CHRIST’S AGONY IN GETHSEMANE This is an original Limited EditionGiclée onCanvas Print, mea- suring 48” x 36”, and is printedwith pigmented inks strictly limited to 250. Each print is hand signed and authorized by the artist, Vassula Rydén, as a faithful reproduction of the original oil painting. Vassula Rydén has personally inspected, numbered, approved and signed each print. No unsigned or unnumbered copies within the edition exist. Fine materials are used to ensure long lasting beauty to protect your investment in fine art. To properly care for your print on canvas, protect it from strong ultraviolet radiation such as direct sunlight. Reproductions of the image you see may not be made. All rights to this image are fully retained by Vassula Rydén. To reserve your Limited Edition Print on Canvas, send an email to Sara at . Please consider giving this to your priest as a gift. Prayer groups may also purchase a copy for their group meetings. Price: $1,000 . There will be no copyright protection on the Canvas you receive. Funds received for this Canvas are directed to the True Life in GodMission which supports the BethMyriams, the Founda- tion for True Life in God, and the Greek Association covering retreats and sometimes air ticket expenses for countries that can’t pay for Vassula’s mission to these countries. COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT Your signed copy will not have any copyright marks on it. Preparing the tubes for mailing