TLIG magazine issue 44

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 32 Dear brothers and sisters, I wish you a happy and blessed 34th True Life in God Anniversary! May every day be a True Life in God one for everyone! About the Radio work, although the last two years have been rather a slow- down period for further developing the Radio, it never stopped evangelizing 24/7 the Messages in 22 languages. The annual number of unique listen- ers increased almost to double, from 100,000 to about 190,000. The technical team is already at work upgrading the Radio website plat- form and soon we’ll start contacting and reorganizing again all the team channels. In Christ, Pavlos A Happy And Blessed 34th True Life In God Anniversary! Although our magazine is a FREE subscription, please consider making a donation to help pay for printing and postage. See the back cover for details and where to mail your donation. Thank you.