TLIG magazine issue 44

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 28 In Defense of the Pope Two further responses here to Vassula’s letters about Pope Francis and his critics. The first is from Fr Peter Yates CSWG and the second from Fr Vincent Cosatti ofm conv. Dear Vassula, I want to write and say how shocked I was to learn from your letter that there are members in True Life in God who support the attacks on Pope Francis. As an Anglican monk, I look to the True life in God Messages and everything they say for the Spirit of communion that unites all Christians in Jesus Christ. We have been made aware from the regular Press how much the reforms of Pope Francis are being opposed by a few Cardinal. In the UK, we have a noted and highly respected Do- minican friar, whom I know and have conferred with some years ago, and I was profoundly shocked to learn his position, that he was seeking to have a deposition brought against Pope Francis, so as to have him condemned as a heretic. Your letter together with the Messages of Jesus that you quote, says everything that needs to be said. Those who condemn the Pope create schism within the Catholic Church. True Life in God is not about schism nor about judging others: it is about unity in the communion of One Spirit, and so it is absolutely right to say that there cannot be any place within its readership for those who are work- ing against the spirit of unity. That would be trying to go in two opposite directions at the same time! You mentioned in your letter some contradictions in the Lord’s ministry. There is a further one in St. John (Ch. 7:1-10) where he is asked by his brothers whether he is going up to Jerusalem and he says that he is not; and then immediately it tells us that he goes. That is because His will was not His own but surrendered at every moment to the Father’s will: ‘My food is not to do my own will of him who sent me.’ (John 4:34) The same will be true of Pope Francis since He is guided by the same Spirit that guided Jesus in his ministry. ‘You are Peter and on this rock of faith I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will never prevail against it.’ In view of these warnings, perhaps we need to re-double our prayers for Pope Francis, and support his courage and transparency. He is through Christ bringing the power of the Spirit not only to the whole Catholic Church but to the hearts and minds of Christians everywhere. We pray also for you, Vassula, who through your prayer support Pope Francis in his ministry of service as a true ‘servant of the servants of God’. With our prayers and warmest support, Peter CSWG In Defense of the Pope “There’s none so deaf as those who will not hear.” This is how an old proverb expresses the absolute futility of trying to convince someone who, in favour of an even unconscious ‘a priori’, has already decided for or against a certain idea. It seems to me that this is what is happening with those who absolutely want to see in Pope Francis a heretic to be slaughtered or the Antichrist who must come. Although efforts of the official media of the Church to affirm the opposite of what is suspected by Pope opponents, and which tries to reframe the affirmations of the Holy Father – it is true sometimes spoken very spontaneously – nothing can be done: the opponents continue to spread doubt and declare everywhere the so-called “heresy” and “apostasy” of the Pope. Let us take just one concrete example, such as the accusations of idolatry for having received within the Vatican a pagan statue representing a pregnant woman, the ‘Pachamama’, and for having thus A note from Fr. Peter Yates, CSWG A Note from Fr. Vincent Cosatti