TLIG magazine issue 44

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 4 27 Foundation for TRUE LIFE IN GOD Fondation pour LA VRAIE VIE EN DIEU Stiftung für DAS WAHRE LEBEN IN GOTT Fundación para LA VERDADERA VIDA EN DIOS Geneva (Switzerland) ______________________________________________________________________________ e-mail: postal address : 90 route de Vandoeuvres / CH-1253 Vandoeuvres (Switzerland) Geneva, November 9, 2019 General Communiqué Dear Friends of True Life in God, It is sad to see that within the Catholic world criticism is being voiced against the Pope. The Foundation for True Life in God condemns this attitude with the greatest determination. Message of August 16, 2019, God says: “... beware of these who condemn and judge the Pope, they are chatterers who congratulate them- selves and each other while speaking against the Pope; trapped in their own reflections, they are carried away, misbehaving; My Church will always uphold the truth and will always keep it safe... so anyone who condemns the Vicar of My Church cannot be my disciple; humility is missing from them!” The Foundation solemnly declares that it utterly dissociates itself from all critical comments of any nature whatsoever, made against Pope Francis, the Vicar placed by Christ at the head of his Church. On this matter the Foundation has, from its very beginnings, always followed the principle of zero tolerance, allowing for no exceptions. For the sake of precaution the Foundation invites all those working for True Life in God to remain on their guard. It insists on vigilance on this matter from the organizers of prayer groups, retreats, work- shops and Beth Myriams, as well as from those organizing Vassula’s conferences around the world and the great pilgrimages; they are not to accept the presence of any person or persons spreading comments critical of the Pope, within any True Life in God activities. The Foundation for True Life in God hereby asks each National Association around the world to circulate the present communiqué within its own sphere of competence. It warmly thanks all the National Associations for their unwavering commitment and wishes to extend the Foundation’s most fraternal greetings to them all. United in Christ, For the Foundation Jacques Gay Fr. Vincent Cosatti