TLIG magazine issue 44

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 26 ‘Spirit Daily’ Article This morning, the website ‘Spirit Daily’ published the letter which Vassula sent out on Wednesday about those who were persecuting Pope Francis. The ‘Spirit Daily’ page can be seen at: https:// Fr Iannuzzi has responded to this article with the following message. The mes- sage has been sent to Michael Brown, the owner of the Spirit Daily website: I wish to inform all readers of the recent FALSE information posted on Spirit Daily which falsely claims that the True Life in God Writings are not Church approved. The Truth is the TRUE LIFE IN GOD WRITINGS ARE CHURCH APPROVED! They enjoy present- day Magisterial Seals of Approval: the IMPRIMATUR and NIHIL OBSTAT! Noteworthy is the theologian Jordan Aumann and Cardinal R. Burke’s affirmation that is “reprehen- sible” for one to publicly oppose a work that bears the Church’s official seals of the approval of the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat. 1 ________________________________________ 1. Jordan Aumann, Spiritual Theology, Christian Classics, 1980, p. 492; Mariology, A Guide for Priests, Deacons, Seminarians and Consecrated Persons, bearing the Imprimatur of the Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke, and the Nihil Obstat of Fr. Peter Felner, F.I., 2007, Queenship Pub. CA, p. 830. faithful to him and I will give you the graces and the strength you will need; I urge you to keep faithful to him and keep away from anyone who rebels against him; above all, never listen to anyone who dispels him; never let your love for him grow insincere; My enemies will try to buy you for themselves with insidious speeches, the evil one is at his work already and Destruction is not far away from you; the Pope will have much to suffer; this is why you will all be persecuted for proclaiming the Truth and for being obedient to My Pope; this is also why they will hate you, because their deeds are evil and indeed, everybody who works for evil hates the Light and avoids it, for fear his actions of Destruc- tiveness should be exposed;” I keep telling people, ‘how much more will God keep silent?’ I feel as though now the prophecy about Fire is very near. We must pray for those who are against Pope Francis and have been deluded because it grieves our Lord that these are listening to false judgment. In Christ, Vassula