TLIG magazine issue 44

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 4 25 the thorns encircling My Heart; I have blessed them so that they do not weary of writing and remain bound to Mine for all eternity; I have anointed them so that in the end of the ceremony, those hands will set a crown of glory on My Head; April 4, 1997 to conceal their plans these people, who raise Me daily, scheme in the dark to overthrow Peter’s Chair and silence the Vicar of My Church and all those to whom I revealed their plans and expose their apostasy; they scheme in the dark to silence Me, saying: “who can see us? who can recognise us?” I will fulfil My Promise and your distress and anguish will come to an end; so tell My sons and daugh- ters that My Voice will soon thunder from above and the foundations of the mountains will tremble; now these traders in My Church are closing in on him whom I placed on Peter’s Chair and have eyes for nothing but to see him overthrown; they look like a lion eager to tear to pieces, like a young lion crouching in its hide; And last, the recent message of August 16, 2019, in which Jesus again speaks about the Pope. I give you again these famous words of Jesus, “beware of those who condemn the Pope,” He says, …”anyone who condemns the Vicar of My Church cannot be My disciple…” I have nothing to add on this, Jesus Christ, says it all. In Christ, Vassula A further letter from Vassula Following Wednesday’s letter regarding the Chair of Peter, Vassula sends here a follow up letter. Dear TLIG friends, I wish to draw your attention again that I had copied this prophetic message of March 17, 1993 in the HIR paper cover book, in all languages .... EXCEPT IN ENGLISH !!! In French it is in Ch. 14 page 200, it was written as early as Feb 2014, nearly six years ago. This is what I wrote then in the HIR book: “The message here below had been given to me back in March 17, 1993. Exactly by the date, twenty years ago, before a new Pontiff was elected: Pope Francis. The message is a warning not to get deluded and listen to false prophecy that criticize him left and right and openly, without fear, that he is a ‘false Pope,’ or worse still, the Antichrist. Because of his openness to the Spirit, many disagree around him and they fret. His homilies are daring, dusting away old prejudices and rigidities in bending for unity. Since it is a long message, I selected just a few lines. “I, Jesus Christ, wish to warn My priests, Bishops and Cardinals, I wish to warn all My House of a great tribulation; My Church is approaching a great tribulation; remember, I have chosen you, by My sanctifying Spirit, to glorify Me; I have chosen you from the beginning to be the sturdy pillars of My Church and to live by faith in the Truth; I have chosen you to share My Glory and to shepherd My lambs; I tell you solemnly that you will soon be tested by fire; pray and fast so as not to be put to the test; stand firm and keep the traditions you were taught; obey My Pope no matter what comes up; remain