TLIG magazine issue 42

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 2 13 Vassula Debates Interfaith Subjects in Paris Rev. Dr. Gavin introduces Vassula to the public I n the summer of 2018, Vassula received an invitation from the Evangelist Pastor Saïd Oujibou to debate interfaith subjects on a television show in Paris. Saïd Oujibou is a well-known multicultural show animator for programs such as “Liberté, Egalité, Couscous” , where he explains the necessity to better under- stand the diversity of religion and culture in or- der for all to live in peace. The debate was scheduled to take place in the crypt “Sainte Jeanne d’Arc” (Saint Joan of Arc) situated underneath the Church of ‘St-Denys’ de la Chapelle, in Paris. France seems to be fa- voured; in the thirty years of Vassula’s public testimonial around the world; fifty-six confer- ences were held in this nation, of which thirteen were in Paris. The True Life in God French team prepared ac- commodation for Vassula’s arrival, as well as setting-up the conference room inside the crypt, decorating it, and making sure the conferencing hardware was functional. At 2:30 pm, before the debate, Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden (Anglican, Missionary Bishop of the Christian Episcopal Church in the United King- dom and Europe) introduced Vassula to the French public. In her 50 minute speech, Vas- sula reminded them why “God was calling us” and invited them to see the “signs of the times.” Vassula’s testimony, in its substance, was the- following: Vassula asked, “Why does God call us?” She ex- plained that God always manifested Himself to mankind, not so as to give us something new, but so as to respell His Word, reminding us of our foundations. God will never in our lifetime cease calling us. He invites us all to enter into the true and unique knowledge of His Deity, the knowledge of knowing Him and of understand- ing Him. Our Lady says in a TLIG message: “ what God wants of you is a change of heart; do not be afraid to acknowledge your sins; live and practise the sacrament of confession .” (True Life in God Message April 23, 1993) All these calls from heaven are lessons like those in a school. Jesus calls His school, “True Life in God.” He invites everyone to this school. Vassula said that after having passed through a purifying fire, Jesus trained and taught her with patience and tenderness. He educated her on spiritual things. His teaching was divine, giving November 24, 2018