TLIG magazine issue 41

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 78 In May 2018, God blessed Germany once more in a most special way by sending Vassula back to share His ‘love hymn,’ True Life in God (TLIG), in two major cities. This country with about eighty-one million in- habitants received Vassula for the first time in 2011. During this recent visit, she spoke first in Berlin, the capital of Germany, located in Prussia, the north east- ern part of the country. Her visit to Munich in Ba- varia, in the south, near the Austrian border, followed her visit in Berlin. In her visit to Munich on May 27, 2018, Vassula ad- dressed a very attentive assembly of over three hun- dred persons. Due to the special way in which this visit to Munich transpired, we remind ourselves of the extent of what God’s provi- dence is able to ac- complish if our will is attentive in cooperat- ing with His. Initially, a visit to Munich was not at all in the plan. The event organizers focused only on Ber- lin for Vassula’s speak- ing engagement. At one moment during the planning phase, some of the organizers strongly opposed the suggestion for a meeting in Munich as a second presentation. They assumed that there were no active TLIG advocates in Munich; that the city was a torment to all that concerns True Life in God, and additionally, the funds would not cover the costs for an event in both cities. So, in prayer, we asked God to enlighten us with His Spirit of discernment. Jesus tells us in the True Life “find Me in simplicity of heart;” (True Life in God Messages, July 8, 1989) May 27, 2018 The audience listens to Vassula’s speech in God messages to always ask for His Spirit of dis- cernment so as to enable us to see with His Spirit; to differentiate His will from our subjectivity. When one is privileged to work for God’s Glory, it is essen- tial to discern His will and to fulfill it, regardless of our human ambitions. Within days, when I shared the idea of a Munich event with a TLIG friend, it turned-out that she knew a TLIG advocate in Munich. She offered to contact him to ask if he had an interest in inviting Vassula to give a presentation in Munich. And so it came about. In fact, this young man whom she contacted, Jabo, showed such a great interest in having Vassula speak, that he become the main organizer. He had moved to Germany with his family twenty years ago as a refu- gee during the war in Iraq, after spending some time in Greece. He and his family be- long to the Chaldean Catholic community and are well-integrat- ed into the German way of life, very grate- ful for the safety and opportunity Germany offered them in their time of crisis. Jabo heard about TLIG one day while walking in Munich. Someone on the street handed him a TLIG flyer with the picture of Jesus. He was very touched by this image and began to read the TLIG messages on the internet at . He immediately rec- ognized the word of God. Ever since this exposure, he can’t let go of Jesus and the desire to serve the Lord. The greater Glory of God has become his life, as he shared later on. Through him we learned that there is a thriving TLIG prayer group in Munich that meets Vassula in Munich Germany