TLIG magazine issue 41

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 70 Due to her approval in Crete, we were feeling very optimistic about the presentation. When we arrived at the airport, loads of butterflies filled the airport’s lounge area, which I took as a sign that this presen- tation too will be successful. Niki, Tereza, Filippos and Hildegard greeted us at the airport; they escorted us to the hotel check- in. Prior to the presentation’s commencement, we had a meal at a local restaurant. Accompanying us was a monk (Vassula’s friend) who came from Mount Athos, and he attended the book presentation that evening. The presentation hall, which used to be a theatre, was very beautiful, with many, comfortable seats, good lighting and acoustics. With about thirty-five partici- pants, the hall was almost full to capacity. This made us very happy. The bookstore manager welcomed the audience; he gave a speech about the hall’s history and then invited Stella to present Vassula; I would simultaneously in- terpret, if needed. Vassula began her speech by welcoming the audi- ence; they all seemed thrilled to be there. She talked about Heaven is real but so is Hell, emphasizing that it is her autobiography. The Lord uses anyone and everything He wants to use, giving individuals differ- ent charismas to benefit His Church. She reminded us that when reading the messages, we should replace her name with ours because the messages are for all of us, not only for her. If they were given only for her benefit, Vassula would not have travelled around the world to proclaim them, and this gift would have remained hidden. She concluded by saying that the meaning of life is to love God and our neighbor; our thoughts should always focus on Him, like an unceas- ing prayer. The audience asked many interesting questions after Vassula finished her speech. Here are some of them: • Why did God choose Vassula, a person who did not have any form of catechesis, instead of a priest, a monk or a nun for this mission? • Since we have the Holy Bible, why do we need these messages? • Which prophecies mentioned in the messages have been fulfilled? • If Vassula could see the departed souls, what did they look like when they appeared to her at the beginning of her mission? • What is Vassula’s opinion on Ecumenism? • Since God is the Father of all, could we pray in to Jesus, to Buddha, to Mohammed and in general to any divinity in the same manner? • (And the most common question that surfaces at every presentation): Since God is good, why • Does He allow bad circumstances, such as wars and misery to occur? After concluding the question/answer session, the recipients bought the book. They then lined-up to receive Vassula’s signature and to take a picture with her. Everybody looked so happy; even the camera- man bought the book and approached Vassula, tell- ing her his name is Daniel. She smiled and told him that he had the same name as her angel. He was happily surprised to hear this! As a side-note to our highlights, we brought with us two True Life in God Magazines that featured the Russia pilgrimage. A picture of a beautiful Russian church was on its cover. Unfortunately, however, no- body wanted a copy because it was written in Eng- lish. Nonetheless, the next morning while we were having breakfast, we saw two Russian monks at the hotel lobby. They were most-likely either heading to Mount Athos or returning from there. I immediately remembered the magazines. Hildegard approached the monks and gave them the magazines. They were happily surprised. They thanked her and took them. At that moment we realized that nothing happens in vain or by chance! Would you like to make a donation to Beth Myriam? Send an email to