TLIG magazine issue 41

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 50 After the successful presentations at Ianos bookstore in Athens and Karavaki bookstore in Rhodes, it was Cyprus’s turn to invite Vassula to present her exciting autobiography Heaven is Real, but so is Hell. Hence, on April 9th we flew from Rhodes to Athens, re- mained in transit for two hours, and then continued on to Cyprus. The True Life in God friends who had organized the presentation welcomed us at Larnaca airport with ea- ger joy and accompanied us to Mrs. Ninetta Ekman’s house, who would host us. By God’s grace, the public radio station CyBC 1st Programme opened its doors to Vassula the following day for an interview on the show Voice of the Maronites, which broadcasts ev- ery Friday in Cyprus and on LGR (London Greek Radio). The host was Mr. Akis Hadjiosif, who had previously interviewed Vassula for the LGR while she was in England in 1995 to give her testimony to a Benedictine monastery. The interview lasted an hour. Mr. Hadjiosif and Vas- sula discussed her new book and her mission. They talked about repentance, love, and the unification of the dates of Easter; he raised questions about reli- gious issues which he knew his listeners would be in- terested in hearing. Presentation of the Greek Edition Heaven is Real, But so is Hell Cyprus “and Cyprus will grow in My Name and the wind will carry My Words far and wide;” TLIG Messages, December 27, 2011 Mr. Hadjiosif Interviews Vassula The book’s presentation was due to take place at the Journalists’ House in Nicosia at 7:00 p.m. the follow- ing day, April 11th. At the entrance of the presentation hall, Heav- en is Real, but so is Hell was beautifully displayed in two languages: Greek and English. Those who entered, most of them passers-by who found out about the presentation and the book from Face- book, had the opportunity to look through the book. The Books at the Entrance of the Hall April 11, 2018