TLIG magazine issue 41

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 1 43 Vassula speaking about the messages Vassula surprised us when she asked that the TLIG Greek Association and prayer groups start getting ready to have a retreat not long after the Moscow pilgrimage. Her purpose, of course, is to keep that fire alight that God has in His boundless love given us. Where two or three are gathered in His Name says the Scriptures, Christ is present. So how much more would Christ be present with His angels, and give us His blessings, were we to be more than three, reminding us of His sweetness and His mercy. When we hear how God is a tender Father we fall short of words. So what we can do is at the very least, to gather His flock to remind them of God’s sweetness and of His perpetual presence. In one of God’s messages,He says: “by Our Own free-Will, We, in Our Triune Glory, it so pleased Us to befriend you intimately and pour on you in abundance torrents of delights and consolations; We revealed to you something forgotten by My Church: this overflowing sweetness, yes! Almighty God’s divine sweet- ness that attracts myriads of angels around My Throne,” (TLIG Messages, October 19, 1998) Vassula decided to choose a place where a renowned Greek Saint would be. This time she chose to go where St. Nectarios’s tomb is located, on the island of Aegina; a convenient island because it is one of the closest islands, near the mainland. Many people were enthusiastic when they heard that we were going to have a retreat. Vassula knew that many of the Greek people could not afford or have never afforded to go on the pilgrimages that we usually have, and sympa- thizing with them, she decided to gather all of them to an affordable retreat. The response was great, for 98 Greek people said that they could come. After setting-out on ferries travelling from Piraeus to Aegina, on Friday, January 19, 2018, we arrived on the island in designated groups which were determined by the travel route each one of us had chosen to take. In total, a hundred people gathered from Athens, Rhodes, Agrinio, Thessalonica, Kastoria, Loutraki, Chalkida, Crete and Cyprus. We were blessed to be accompanied by a bishop and three priests who en- couraged us pilgrims to confess and celebrate Mass each day during our three-day stay. The theme of our retreat was unity; it coincided with theWeek of Prayer for Christian Unity, which our Catholic brothers and sisters pray for annually, from January 18 th to the 25 th . Aegina is a beautiful island close to Athens; it’s a one- hour trip by ferry. The island’s great blessing is that the monastery that St. Nectarios had found there in disuse began to function again in 1904 with seven nuns. Accomplishing great spiritual work, St. Nec- tarios spent the last years of his life at this monastery The Sweetest Mini Retreat for Unity Week The Island of Aegina, Greece 2018 Hotel view of Aegina