TLIG magazine issue 41

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 4 I am known, as I have said to you, to throw down kings and uproot kingdoms were these to become the cause of stopping the flow of My Word to reach you all; scorn not the proud, let Me be their Judge; remember that all your achievements are the measure of My Power and My Authority; do you want to know something that I alone can see? your persecutors cringe when they see you coming to their territory; they say: “who is this one coming to teach us?” I am the only one who probes their inmost mind, and the depths of their evil intentions rooted in their heart; like a wall they place themselves to wall out My Word; with empty words they bless Me and praise Me aloud; pray for them! pray! pray! listen, you are not alone! the world will always create trouble for you because you are sent by Me; but be brave; and remember that I have chosen you, you did not choose Me; My Word has not come only to you but to all who live on earth; I am using you as My tablet to inscribe My sayings so that everyone may read My Words easily; these Messages will fulfill My purpose; so, your toiling will not be in vain; tell everyone again, that I, Jesus, have an insatiable thirst for love! ah, Vassula, let Me be your sole Hope, allowing Me to write with Wisdom a special gift that was given you, and do not fear from the uneducated and unbalanced who, ignoring Scriptures have something to say; people like this are dried up rivers, a parched land; prophecy is a lamp for lightening your step through the dark; My Holy Spirit moves My prophets to speak in My Name; learn, that before setting them to work I bring them to repent, and I, in My benevolence, forgive their past sins and wash them away, never bringing them back to memory; Sublime Glory itself then speaks to them in various ways, because My Spirit rests on My chosen one; the graces they receive from Me have their purpose too, they will be for the benefit of others; not only will they be serving Me but they will be serving others as well; everything they receive from the Holy Spirit will be for the good of the people! for My Household; Vassula, puny little creature, your toiling and battling in My Name pleases Me; Satan never ceased to annoy you even through the hands of those who walked in to be collaborators of My Divine work, of this Message, they act in a manner that I abhor, dictating to you with their short-sightedness, stirring trouble; I oppose the proud and I grieve for them; My priest, cling to Me, to Hope; in your life, I Christ came, does that mean anything to you? An undeserved gift… to a wretched soul, I remain confused, and speechless because You, my God, have given Yourself to me, never giving it a thought that you would be, in the eyes of humans, risking of cheapening not only Your Scepter but Your entire Kingdom… if Love came to an undeserved creature, Love and Tenderness can touch other undeserved creatures; you are to tell them this; I will show them sympathy and forgiveness, if they are only willing to open their heart to Me; announce this Message; remember, that it is I, God, who puts into you the desire to work for Me, and put into practice all My desires and My sayings; now tell your prayer group of Rhodes the following: in the early days of the Messages you valued all My Interests, surmounting persecutions and trials joyfully; I have taken you all out of the power of darkness, and have forgiven your sins; I am reminding you all now to fan into a flame your love for Me; read My Messages, learn to love Me more! do good and adopt yourselves in My Knowledge; take your refuge in Me, and I shall be your Song; I can read everyone’s heart, and I know perfectly your needs; so come to Me, your Saviour, be My Living Church! delight My Heart, assemble and receive My Tenderness; self-efface all that is not Me, and work hard for your salvation and the salvation of others; receive My Holy Kiss on your foreheads; Love loves you all! ic