TLIG magazine issue 41

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 1 31 Vassula walking in Copenhagen with Rev. Bo, Heidi and Frank Mercy and Divine Justice . In this book, Fr. O’ Connor, provides an interpretation of our times and answers the question of what lies ahead, giving details of the final events. He was a professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame for forty-one years and was involved in the charismatic movement. This book clearly lays out messages concerning the Il- lumination, the Chastisement and the Great Miracle by some of the most powerful prophets of the 20 th Century. It includes prophesies from St. Faustina In the Bible there are facts that are beyond human perception; facts that cannot be constrained and in- terpreted by common sense; facts that we can only understand with the help of faith. Only by faith and the grace of the Holy Spirit can man understand the mysteries and the gifts that God gives today to light- en the darkness of every soul with His light: to warn, to strengthen and to teach His people. Such a fact is within the True Life in God Messages. In these Divine Messages we read: “ I Am is with you, so allow Me now to use with you My gift that will honour My Name; for, My child, through this gift I brought many back to Me; … My Holy Spirit had explicitly named this Work: ‘True Life in God’ , ” (TLIG Messages, July 31, 1995) “ I it is who establish the associations of True Life in God; I offer prayers to the Father for your partnership in the Messages I am giving; you all have a place in My Heart since you are all sharing and defendingMyWork;” (TLIG Messages, July 31, 1995) The Danish Association is one of them. They are Christians from different denominations. Many of them were converted through the divine messages of TLIG and they are working together so that they ex- pand the treasure of TLIG in their country. They have created many prayer groups on different islands of the country and they organize several events every year to expand this treasure. One of this year’s recent events was an informal dinner in Copenhagen on the occa- sion of Christian Unity Week with hierarchy from the Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Churches. An- other event was Vassula’s talk, the latest invitation, on February 18, 2018, again in Copenhagen. It was not the first invitation; Vassula has previously spoken in Copenhagen several times. The TLIG organizers this time had arranged two interviews, two newspaper and the Radio of Denmark reportages for Vassula. Here is the list of media events: 1. Reportage in the newspaper “Kristeligt Dagblad” by the journalist Simone Nielson. 2. An interview on the Radio of Denmark by Paula Larrain for the program “On Prophecy.” 3. A reportage by Denmark’s live radio program called Tidsand. 4. An interview by Stephanie Lund, pastor for the Pentecostal church. On November 17, Heidi and Frank, from among the TLIG organizers, along with Rev. Bo who had come a little earlier from Sweden to attend the speech, welcomed Vassula and me at the Copenhagen Airport and took us to the hotel. Later, Rev. Bo spoke to us about a book by Fr. Edward O’ Connor C.S.C.: Listen to My Prophets Divine A Reminder of the Infinite Love and the Boundless Mercy of God! Meeting in Copenhagen February 18, 2018