TLIG magazine issue 40

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 70 by Sr. Anne Woods A Modern Prophecy in the Light of Jewish and Christian Biblical Symbolism Invitation To Be One With Christ $5 Each plus postage See page 55 for email details Questions or credit card orders are welcome For repentance to be genuine we need to do two things: confessour sin, and re- solve never to commit that sin, or any other sin,again. The latter is exception- ally important. This resolve not to sin is a grace to be prayed for daily. It is an at- titude that springs from an inner aware- ness that Christ so loves us that we can- not bear to hurt Him further.This resolve can only be strengthened if our love for Jesus is deepened. It can only be deep- ened by constant prayer. Prayer will be- come constant only if we practice it daily. Each day a time needs to be set aside to make an examination of conscience, an act of contrition, and a firm purpose of amendment. Without this resolve, espe- cially in regard to the weak areas in our life, we will come to a slow halt.This is the rea- son some people never progress beyond do- ing the minimum.The truly holy will have a thirst for Holy Communion and for the grace of Holy Confession because their vi- sion of sinfulness and weaknesses will in- crease as the Light of God increases in their soul. They will see by that light the true enormity of sins that most people would not even consider sinful but as small and petty, and simply of no consequence. Evil seen in the direct light of God is the most horrendous thing that exists and because we live by faith it is easy for us to apply hu- man reason to diminish the spiritual reality of evil. A personal theophany, 22 a mystical experience of our sin in its evil dimension will be given by the Second Pentecost through the direct light of God and that is why it will be a unique experience of our life. 22 Theophany: direct manifestation of God (on the spiritual level) to our spirit with our full human awareness. C h a p t e r 5 Excerpt