TLIG magazine issue 40

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 0 65 A fter the True Life in God pilgrimage to Russia, Metropolitan Georges Haddad, Greek Melkite Catholic Archbishop of the cities of Caesarea, Philip “Paneas” and Marjeyoun invited Vassula and Theodora to spend a week in southern Lebanon for a moment of prayer and meditation at his archdiocese in Marjeyoun. This diversion would allow them to rest a bit before Vassula resumed her evangelical tours. In solidarity, the Archbishop realized the enormous work Vassula and Theodora did in Russia. The accounts of this trip are as follows . Prayer and Meditation Yolla Bechara’s Report in Southern Lebanon November 4 - 8, 2017 From the terrace of the Cathedral November 3, 2017 When we arrived at the airport, Mgr. Haddad was there to welcome us warmly. We then headed south to the archbishopric. November 4, 2017 We began of our day with an exceptional breakfast: Metropolitan Georges Haddad with Vassula Archbishop’s chickens