TLIG magazine issue 40

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 0 43 Vassula Witnesses in Denmark, Faroe Islands & Iceland May 31 - June 7, 2017 G od is the One and only who leads us in the race we have started, and it is indeed a train- ing to be going on a mission. It is noticeable that God always provides His instrument enough strength to proclaim a resurrected Christ and to glo- rify Him. His Voice, as it is heard through His mes- sages, puts blazing fires in each heart without excep- tion, leading His people with grace in their faith, so as to bring it to perfection. Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Vassula’s mission started before she even left her home. The Daily Christian newspaper’s Mette Skov Hansen interviewed her at home, and then published the interview in the newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad on June 2, the day Vassula presented her talk in Copen- hagen. It was a good interview, having a more positive rather than objective angle. (The original newspaper article: vi-lever-i-helligaandens-tidsalder). Thursday, June 1, 2017 Vassula and I left Athens for Copenhagen on Thurs- day, since the program was scheduled for the follow- ing day. We did not encounter any disturbances while travelling to the pre-determined destinations for this mission; instead we felt the Holy Spirit’s presence providing us with open-hearted people. Friday, June 2, 2017 The following morning, a meeting was arranged with the publishers, Scandinavia, who published Vassula’s book, Heaven is Real But so is Hell, in Danish. We arrived at the publisher’s office and were cordially greeted. They had even prepared for us a morning breakfast. Since this was their first time meeting Vas- sula, they wanted her to feel very welcomed. Asked to lead them in prayer, Vassula opened our little prayer book and read the prayer that Jesus gave her on July 18, 1990. She asked everybody to stand while she prayed. Vassula reads prayer with the Scandanavia Publishers in Denmark The owner, Jorgen Vium Olesen of Scandinavia Pub- lishing House, was very impressed that Vassula read the prayer while standing. He said that normally, when they prayed around a table, they never bothered to stand. He understood this was a wonderful and significant gesture. He said he would adopt this man- ner of praying--that it is a way of ‘showing respect.’ Then he and his son, Jacob Vium Olesen, along with their employees asked Vassula a series of personal questions as well as questions pertaining to her spiri- tual mission, as they listened to her story and how her experiences began. Jacob ended the meeting with a prayer, and our TLIG friend, Frank, offered them a copy of a painting done by Vassula of Jesus’ Shroud. They were very touched and happy to hear that she had painted it. Frank explained that Vassula sees Jesus in the manner He is depicted in the painting- -with blue eyes. Scandanavia Publisher’s of Heaven is Real But so is Hell Book in Danish