TLIG magazine issue 40

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 4 You have the Knowledge to read hearts; You know all things, I shall listen to You and pass on Your sayings, as I’ve always done; stock 1 of My Glory, in whom I saturated with My Springs of Life to sing to the world My Hymn of Love and to tell over all My Marvels, all My Passions, all My Prodigies, be blessed and continue to be seeking Me untiringly; stock of My Heart, do not fear, for My Authority covers not only this earth but the whole cosmos! I have imbued you with essences from Heaven, from on your head, running down your face, running on your lips, running down to your feet that will stand while witnessing to stir up hearts; I call today all of you, My creation, to take shelter in Me, your God, you have soiled your hands? come to Me, and I will wash them in My Blood; I will accept your prayer; you have soiled your heart? run to Me, do not hesitate, I will not reprove you, I will heal your heart, and your bones that are in torment, I will heal them as well, so that you too will taste My Sweetness, and will praise Me in song; for the Sake of My Name, your tongue will glorify My Name while I, beside you, will lead you with My Royal Sceptre; you will lack nothing with Me for I am King, rich in Wisdom, rich in Forgiving, rich in Goodness; you will be led by Me in My Royal Courts to receive My New Song, a NobleTheme that praises My Holy Name, that transcends earth and Heaven in Majesty and Splendour; I will become your Master, teaching you how to act virtuously and with justice, I will then turn you to become the joy of My Father, the garlands on His Head; the glory of His Holy Name; pause a while, citadel of the Most High, citadel barely built, My City, My Own, sanctified and strengthened, I will not allow you to fall, for I Am God, exalted over all the cosmos; daughter, I will lead everyone to Me if they reject evil and turn to Me to become a reflection of My Image; from thereon, your lips and your heart will have Wisdom to utter, whispering the Song I have sung for you, ♥ you will proclaim My Holy Name to those who have forgotten Me, while I will have My Finger placed on your lips to moisten them with grace; so shall it be with those who choose Me; I will dress them with stately vestments, in brocades, to be fitting in the presence of My Father, they will be vested with Me; cling to Me, atone for your sins and like frost in sunshine, your sins will melt away; therefore, to discover My Will and know what is good, and what it is that I desire of you, you must leave the inclinations of this world around you, and allow Me to model you as I wish; ic __________________________________ 1 descendant King of kings, robed in Majesty, Master of all power November 28, 2016 My Vassula, My Grace has been revealed all through these years making salvation possible through My anointed Messages for many of My children; My glory has been manifest without reserve, and the Holy Spirit has generously poured Himself over this generation like never before in history; ♥ My Vassula, rely on Me and learn that your only ambition should be to spread My Messages far and wide and to be sincere in My teachings; pray all the time and never weary of writing; then I shall continue giving you the gift of My Love; I will continue keeping you in My Royal Banquet Hall and with My Own Hand I will be nourishing you under the eyes of your oppressors; tasting the Love I have for you so that you may say: “feed me with Your Bread, restore me, Your Love inebriates me, lifts me, and allows me to rest on Your Heart and hold You fast;