TLIG magazine issue 40

I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A G A Z I N E I S S U E - 4 0 3 Newly Published Messages from Jesus May 30, 2016 O God, so Good and Kind, did you call me? Vassula, I have kept My promise to you; do you remember My pledge to you? My promise gives life and to all those who read Me; in earlier days, I called you, to treat you with compassion and tenderness; I have been your comfort in your persecutions and trials; beloved one, do not strain My Eyes waiting for you to meet Me in this way! lovingly be My Echo, and I will intervene while My children would be listening to your witness of My Magnificence, of My power, My Tenderness and of the great Love I have for each one of them; persevere in virtue, and forbid your tongue to judge; let everyone see Me in you; you have been formed by Me, taught by Me with grace to grow in Me; never doubt of My Presence at all times! keep longing for Me, this always pleases Me; your longing infatuates Me; may your hand be always available for Me to use it to write down My Words; tell everyone that I have not come with My Scepter to condemn anyone, but I have come to guide them to follow My Path and stop them from following twisted paths that lead to Death! remain in My Courts, and I will keep shielding you; remember that Wisdom was and is your Teacher; teaching you Knowledge from My Heavenly Courts; so lift your eyes to Me, your Saviour, lift them up to Me who have your abode in Heaven, and remain true to My Word; and do not allow yourself to sleep, not until your return to your Home; serve My House, in My Own Courts, and keep stretching My Message; do not be afraid of the raging winds; find your shelter in Me when these come your way; I am known to relieve the distress you may have in your hearts; your pain, your misery, give them all to Me! I Am is on your side; pray for peace; I am the Maker of all things November 4, 2016 Lord, You are beyond the understanding of all and yet we have those who take a stand, claiming they fully know You about Your Divinity, about Your Triune Holiness, theologizing You in an unspiritual language, without the Holy Spirit and the Essence of understanding, philosophizing Your Message recklessly; when these things are beyond their reach, it shows that they are devoid from the Spirit of Truth; you are right; one cannot understand Me, your God, without the Spirit; Divine Scriptures tell you that what is most important is to get to know Me and understand Me; to be devoid of the Knowledge of My Triune Holiness, is as though you are denying that I am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, and that I am the Maker of all things revolving in the cosmos, and that I brought all things from nothing into being; today I am not known completely, but when one enters in the Light of Heaven, I do reveal Myself totally after having been sated with My Spirit, the dullness of your flesh being no more your spirit free from flesh, belongs thoroughly to the Holy Spirit; Vassula, time is growing short; from today everyone should start living as though it is their last day on earth; My Lord, King above all, the only One in my Life, give us all the courage to continue glorifying You, put in us a persuasive spirit, with persuasive words into our mouth when we are in front of those who reject You and who reject to accept Your Messages, I have brought people who did not know Me to get to know Me and love Me