TLIG magazine issue 40

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 22 T hirty years ago, at the beginning of Vassula’s mis- sion, the Lord had asked and requested thus: “I want My land fertile;…I want this wilderness irrigated, who will water My garden ?” (True Life in God Mes- sage, September 20, 1987) Since then, after Vassula gave Him her fiat, Jesus has been sending her to the four corners of this earth to water this thirsty soil with His Love. The Lord is ask- ing us to embellish His Garden. As it exists now, He sees nothing in It but aridity; aridity is reigning over It and the dry winds are blowing on His Garden, dry- ing out what little is left. (cf. TLIG Messages, No- vember 28, 1987) Once again, it was Italy’s turn to receive this Heav- enly Dew and be irrigated. “ And, oh, how much more Italy is in need, Italy that has gone sooo dry!” (True Life in God Message, April 5, 2017). With these words, Jesus intervened, expressing urgency and the grief in His Heart, while Vassula was writing an email (April 5, 2017) to the organizers in Italy for her upcoming tour there. This would be a tour that would last for al- most a month, and would encompass all of Italy, from north to south and east to west. Vassula left warm and sunny Rhodes on Sunday, April 30, and arrived in Rome, where Francis Mifsud, from the Italian TLIG Association in Rome, was there to receive her. Fr. Rolf Schönenberger, a Catholic priest with a huge mission in Russia and the Ukraine, and a devout friend of the True Life in God messages and Vassula were arriving the same evening, scheduled to fly to Venice the following day. Vassula and Fr. Rolf stayed overnight at Villa Maria Pia in Rome, a place run by nuns who knew Vassula, so Vassula was in a fa- miliar place. The Sister who welcomed Vassula knew her personally as well as her mission, and during this visit was given the True Life in God Radio webpage address so she could listen to the Messages and the HIR book. She was thrilled! Monday, May 1 Rome - Pordenone The first stop of this mission was Pordenone. At the airport, Eugenio Francescon, Bruno Bartoletti and Franco Trevisiol, the TLIG organizers in north Italy whom Vassula had met last year during her previous visit there, received them. After an hour’s drive, they reached Pordenone. Pordenone is the main commune of Pordenone prov- ince of northeast Italy in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia re- gion.The name comes from the Latin Portus Naonis, meaning ‘port on the Noncello River.’ The weather was reminiscent of winter and a thought crossed my mind: Let there not be winter in the hearts that will hear the message Vassula is bringing, but a blooming spring! Tuesday, May 2 Pordenone After breakfast, Eugenio, Bruno and Franco, along with Alessandra Micheluz and Licia Bragnuolo, two other True Life in God organizers from north Italy, met with Vassula and Fr. Rolf. They had to verbally go through the program of the day and the upcoming first meeting on May 3. Although it is the second time for all of them to organize such an event for Vas- sula’s mission, they had meticulously followed every guideline detail to the letter. Only a few alterations were made after Vassula’s input. At 4 p.m. a TV interview was scheduled with Tele- pordenone, a local TV channel that transmits to the neighboring regions. The interview would be shown on Sunday, they were told, but this evening, a two- minute spot during the news would be aired about Vassula, included with the announcement of the upcoming meetings. The director of this channel, Gigi di Meo, who for the first time accepted the air- ing of the subject matter Vassula would be present- ing, welcomed Vassula, Fr. Rolf, Eugenio and Ales- Vassula Witnesses in Italy From North to South and East to West May 1 to 24, 2017