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good works is dead. The fruits of True Life InGod are not only the restoration of relations between men and God and their return to the Church and its mysteries, but also good works and love for others. Vassula has seen the Blessed Mother in visions who says that, as well as providing spiritual food, we should take care of the physical needs of the hungry. Many centers for the poor have been opened with the name Beth Myriam (House of Mary) which function with the financial support and volunteer work of the ‘fruits’ of True Life In God. In some centers, education, medical and health care and clothing are offered. Today, there are many Beth Myriams all over the world including in Bangladesh, India, Japan, the Philippines, the Holy Land, Lebanon, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and Egypt. Financial support is provided to an orphanage with 50 children in Kenya and to another in Bangladesh where there are 600 children. Currently, more Beth Myriams are being opened around the world. We should mention that Vassula carries out this mission freely - that is with no personal financial gain. In compliance with God’s will, she works to spread the Messages to the ends of the earth. She does not profit from the sale, distribution or copyright income derived from the books or dvd’s, nor is she paid to give presentations. In accordance with the teaching of the gospels: “Freely you have received, freely give”. ( Matt. 10:8 ) T R U E L I F E I N G O D 4 Vassula Rydén V assula Ryden was born in Egypt of Greek parents and is a member of the Greek Orthodox Church. She is married to a Swedish diplomat and is mother to two sons. She has lived in different countries following her husband. In 1985, in Bangladesh, there occurred an event which radically changed her life. As she was writing her shopping list, her hand, moved by an overpowering force, began writing independently: “I am your guardian angel and my name is Daniel”. Her guardian angel instructed her for three months. It was a period of atonement and purification during which she saw her sins through the eyes of God. This was the beginning of a mystical encounter and her preparation for the mission to which she was called by Our Lord. God approached her in a surprising manner and has entrusted her with His M e s s a g e s which are addressed to all mankind. This personal communication c o n t i n u e s to this day. V a s s u l a ’ s charism is complex. It may be compared to that of the prophets referred to by St. Paul ( Cor.I, 14:3 ), that is to say the grace received by a person to interpret the will of God in the present and in the future for the salvation of the world. These holy Messages, which are taken down in exquisite calligraphy quite different from her own, do not add something new to Scripture but rather are a reminder of His Word. God has called this work ‘True Life In God’ and it has been translated by volunteers into over 40 languages. It is written in language which is both clear and direct so that all may understand. This “Hymn of Love” has been studied by theologians, archbishops, priests, psychologists and graphologists who have recognized its genuine and divine origin, and have written books analyzing the unique case of Vassula. The fact that Vassula, who never had any catechism nor theological training, is able to write about such deeply spiritual subjects without there being theological errors is in itself a clear testament of the authenticity of the Messages. Vassula, in compliance with God’s will, travels all over the world in order to bring this call to repentance and reconciliation with God and unity among Christians and amongst all men. In spite of a high toll in terms of fatigue and self-sacrifice, she transmits the divine Message for the fulfillment of the words “that they may all be one”. One of the most powerful signs of her testimony is making known the will of Christ to unite the dates of Easter as a first step towards unity. Invited to over 70 countries, she has given over 900 public speeches and many television and radio interviews. The Holy Bible says that faith without The Angel said: “God is near and loves you” I have chosen a mere child, unfit for My task, helpless and small without prestige, a nothing, to manifest through you My passionate love and teach those that still do not understand the riches of My Heart; (Jesus, 30 January 1987) Freely you have received, freely give