TLIG anniversary magazine

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 26 “The earth will shiver and shake and every evil built into Towers [like the towers of Babel] will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin! Above the heavens will shake and the foundations of the earth will rock! Pray that the Father’s Hand will not come down in winter.” September 11,1991 This message, exactly ten years before the disaster of the twin towers in New York on September 11th 2001, is on page 353 of Volume 2 of the first published edition of the TLIG books, printed in the UK in 1991. G od had been warning us unceasingly to return to Him and reconcile with Him and with one another. Christ has been pleading with His church to reconcile and unite. The whole world is decaying in its evil and its apostasy, transgressing not only God’s Law, but all that is Holy, unceasingly offending God. Through all these years, our Lord has tried to awaken a true understanding in all of us by repeatedly giving us reminders: recalling what was said in the past by the holy prophets and His own commandments but … flesh in its hardness of heart and incredulity rejected Love once more. The world today has an attitude, just like Pharaoh’s, of rejecting, in their stubbornness and disbelief, all that is Holy. Of others, our Lord says their behavior is worse than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. On the 11th September 2001, the world was scarred with the fall of the two towers, taking away so many lives, among them many innocent people. Horrific apocalyptic scenes were shown to the world, and despite this horror that came upon us, instead of truly turning to God and repenting, the world became worse than before and was set for war. Instead of understanding that this happened because of our own faults, sins, guilt, apostasy and the world’s rejection of God, we continued to listen to Satan and go on his way rather than the way God was showing us. Then, before that, several times Christ again was warning us about the tsunami of the 26th December 2004 in Asia. The first one is as early as 1987, September 10th. Vassula wrote in her notebook: “ Suddenly Jesus reminded me of a dream I had last night and had forgotten .” … The Lord then said: “ Listen, I have let you see the vision in your sleep, to make you feel it. No, there is no escape! ” Vassula wrote: “ I remember when I saw it coming like a giant wave. I tried to run and hide, knowing it’s impossible .” Then Vassula asked our Lord: “ But why do this, if you love us? Why? ” He answered: “ I am known as a God of Love, as well as a God of Justice .” Vassula asked: “ What can we do to stop this? ” Jesus answered: “ Tremendous amendments are required now from all of you. Uniting and being one. Loving one another, believing inMy Heavenly Works, for I am among you always .” The tsunami news shocked and dismayed all of us, but no one can say that God did not send us warnings. When warnings were sent by those He chose as mouthpieces, many were saying: “ We have no need of these warnings; we have the consolation of the holy books of the Fathers and the Holy Bible in our possession. We never lack to offer sacrifices and prayers either, so what has Christ to tell us more than what He has given us? ” And they shut their ears. On the 24th December 1991, on the eve of Christ’s birth, another message was given to us by Christ who was very offended: “ I come today and offer all mankind My Peace, but very few listen. Today I come withpeace-termsandamessageof Love, but thepeace I amoffering isblasphemed by the earth, and the Love I amgiving them is mocked and jeered in this Eve of My Birth. Mankind is celebrating these days without My Holy Name. My Holy Name has been abolished and they take the day of My Birth as a great holiday of leisure, Christmas, a great holiday of leisure without Christ. Prophecies fulfilled as a result of our Apostasy worshipping idols. Satan has entered into the hearts of My children, finding them weak and asleep. I have warned the world.. .” Christ is showing us that He is very offended when we celebrate Christmas as a mere holiday without His Holy Name and without remembering the real cause: Christ’s Birth. At Christmas every Christian is asked to celebrate Christ’s birth by rejoicing and going to Church and celebrating the Holy Name of our Saviour and Redeemer. Many, in their apostasy, celebrate and worship the Christmas tree instead, exchanging gifts, eating until sick, and amusing themselves to folly. Another warning was given to us on the 18th February 1993: “ See the days are coming when I am going to come by thunder and fire but I will find, to My distress, many of you unaware and in deep sleep! I am sending you creation, messenger after messenger to break through your deafness, but I am weary now of your resistance and your apathy. I am ever so weary of your coldness; ... naturally My Church is in ruin because of your division ... the earth will shake and like a shooting star will reel from its place, extirpating mountains and islands out of their places. Entire nations will be annihilated; the sky will disappear like a scroll rolling up as you saw it in your vision daughter. A great agony will befall on all the citizens, and woe to the unbeliever! Hear Me: and should men say to you today: “ah, but the Living One will have Mercy upon us, your prophecy is not from God but from your own spirit”, tell them: although you are reputed to be alive, you are dead; your incredulity condemns you, because you refused to believe in My time of Mercy and prohibited My Voice to spread through My mouthpieces to warn and save My creatures... ” According to the scientists, when the earthquake happened under the sea, the whole earth shook, stopped for a split second and went out of its normal axis. The island of Sumatra and other islands too, moved several meters from their original place. One of them was thought to have disappeared altogether, but was then rediscovered in another place.