TLIG anniversary magazine

Japan, Tokyo prayer group Beth Myriam volunteers in Mexico My dear friends, when have you heard of anything not coming from God that draws souls back to Him? In other words, if someone who never went to confession, never received communion, never read the Bible, never cared about anything but partying, swearing and pleasure, well if someone like that starts reading “ True Life in God ”, then they fall in love with Christ, with the Church, with the sacraments, and their entire life turns around… then have you the courage to stand between such a new convert and Church and Christ? Dan, Canada I was born in an Indian Hindu family in the city Calcutta. I never knew about Jesus or visited any Church before. (…) Somehow through someone I got a TLIG message book, Part IV. (…) As I went through the book, all I under- stood was that Someone named Jesus is on the way to His return. (…) The best thing that happened to me after knowing Jesus through the messages was the Eucharist. There is so much power and grace that comes out from the Blessed Sacrament! It was because of the Eucharist that I was drawn closer and closer to the Mother Church. Paul Datta, Calcutta, India ...No one, I believe, has ever reached to fully understand God’s immeasurable Love and Mercy for all of His creation. How blind we are not to see the fathomless Grace of God among us! And how prejudices and discrimination hold us back to understand God’s Love that He has for all His creatures and how Christ died for all of us to redeem all of His creation without any exception. Georgia Braun, Athens T R U E L I F E I N G O D 24 …However incredible it can seem, however incomprehensibly it presents itself, the reality is that, in prison, I have learned to be free and I feel myself more free now than ever before… …Reading of these books ( True Life in God ) helps us to consecrate all our being to God, offering to Him day-by- day all our sufferings, our gladness, in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, everyday wounded and lacerated by our sins. I feel flowing in myself, through me, a universal Love and not an egoist love, that only corrupts and destroys man. It is why I am free. Nevertheless, we can’t uproot our past: our vices, our weakness, our faults. And it is necessary to re- construct these, as does the architect of a monastic abbey, as balancing heavy stones, making them become lightweight. Now, as to the already initiated reading of the books offered, what most calls my attention, undoubtedly, is the peaceful feeling I have as I read True Life in God : “ I am Jesus. Vassula, lean onMe and rest ”. Yes, I remain calm and peaceful. It is as if He were there, beside me, calm and tranquil, giving me the assurance of not being alone; or as if I could imagine His Silent Presence, knowing Him close to me, always my Friend, with no need to pronounce a single word, knowing that I can, whatever happens, count on Him, much before I ask Him for anything, trusting that we can rely on each other. And this was the best gift I got this Christmas; i.e. to gain the trust of a Friend, whom we know shall never forsake us… “I will ask you all to learn how to pray. When you pray, pray from your heart, I needprayers that come from your heart and not from your lips. Do not pray quickly, recollect yourselves and pray slower, looking at Me. I amPresent, let your prayers reach Me. Learn to be in constant prayer; by this, I do not mean to have you on your knees endless hours, no; but just in remembering My Presence, you will be in constant prayer; your minds will be lifted towards Me; all that you say, or do, or think will be for Me; I need devotion and fidelity; love Me without measure and desire Me. I am your Saviour and Consoler, so come to Me without hesitating. I will console you all; I will give you hope, so do not diminish your prayers and sacrifices, increase them by being in constant prayer.” Jesus, 16/12/88 The messages of True Life in God had such an effect on prisoners that, as they themselves admit, they removed immodest posters from their cells, replacing them with icons of Jesus and Mary. Youth Testimonies Seven books of testimonies from prisoners of the impact of theTrueLifeinGodmessageson their lives have been published in Portugal. The testimonies were collected from prisoners in jails in Portugal. Here are a few excerpts from the books: I didn’t even realize how I began reading a book on a woman Jesus talks to… In the past I used to mock such things… I would sooner believe that Elvis is still alive than that God is alone and cares about us so much that he has sent us Vassula as His prophet for our times… And yet I kept reading, and even though I was an avid reader in the past, I no longer wish to read anything else but the True Life in God Messages and the Holy Bible. I returned to the Church and experience its Sacraments. I long for the Eucharist. I began to pray in faith. Christina Savvaidou, Athens