TLIG anniversary magazine

Bangladesh, a visit to a school South India T R U E L I F E I N G O D 18 School in Haiti O n May 13 2008, a civic-action women’s group in Manila, with the President of the Philippines, Her Excellency, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s permission, invited Vassula to be the Guest Speaker for their gathering. First in the Palace Hall the Holy Mass was celebrated (it was the feast of Our Lady of Fatima), and Vassula was given the place of honour as she stood beside the President. After the Mass, Vassula addressed an audience of 500 people, which included the President, the Bishops and priests. This was diffused on nationwide TV. Her 30-minute talk was inspired in its urgings to “live” the Scriptures by forgiving, by softening hardened hearts with Repentance and Reconciliation, the fruits of which are Love and Unity. Vassula once again reminded the Philippines of its spiritual mission of being “an altar of incense”, an altar of prayer for the conversion of the world. True Life in God is to remain faithful to Mother Church and its Tradition. It is to offer God prayers fromthe heart, sacrifices, penance and fasting. “Listen and write: in mercy I have pitied you and this is why I am here to instruct the uninstructed and to give My Law to the lawless. I shall continue to feed this generation on the heritage of My Father in Heaven. The Bread that cures you comes from above. The Bread of instruction descends from heaven, from My Father’s stores. No one should say: ‘I have nothing to eat.’ Here I am offering it to you so that you do not get tempted to eat what is vile and deadly, that which comes from the root of the world. My Spirit is offering you Life and peace” Jesus, 10/8/1994 “Peace be with you. I, Jesus Christ, am here. Remain in Me and give Me your hand. I, with your hand in Mine will guide you. You will walk with Me. Your step will keep pace with My step. You will learn to be with Me as you have learnt to love Me and recognise Me. You will learn to help many, so cling on Me and be watchful. I will make you understand in good time. Pray with Me and be blessed. I, God, love you. Blessed are those that have not seen Me and yet believe in Me; they shall inherit all that I own” Jesus, 27/12/86 After her talk, Vassula was interviewed for a TV channel With the President of the Philippines Cebu, Philippines, May 11, 2008