TLIG anniversary magazine

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 16 Vassula continues her mission by witnessing around the globe, thereby fulfilling God’s wish to spread His message to the remotest corners of the earth. O ne of the first words of command of Christ to me were these: “ Which house is more important, your house or My house? ” I replied: “ Your house, Lord. ” Then He said: “ Revive My house .” I was struck with helplessness and I felt miserable. I lamented: “ I do not know how to do all of this. I know nothing! ” Christ then said: “ Remain nothing; I want a nothing and in your nothingness I will show My authority, My power and that I Am; so die to yourself and allow My Holy Spirit to breathe in you .” From thereon He asked me to walk with Him but after having gone through many spiritual fires. In this way I received the seed of God without any merit. It is written: “ No one can have anything unless God gives it to him ” (Jn 3, 27) I n November, 2001, Vassula was invited to an official symposium on ecumenism at a place called Farfa, outside Rome. It was held by the sisters of St. Birgitta. Vassula was to represent the point of view of unity from a lay person. Each participant had to speak for an hour to be followed by a debate with questions. The whole committee consisted of Roman Catholics and Lutherans. The Catholic Bishop of Sweden was there as well as many professors of theology and Monsignors and different clergy. The four day symposium had many speakers all ofwhomwere theologians and clergy apart from Vassula. When Vassula had finished her talk and was waiting for questions to come in and a debate to start, the theologian who led the symposium was weeping. He then said: “This sermon on unity we have just heard was the most fervent sermon I have ever heard in my entire life. Therefore, I do not want any questions to be raised here, because this was a prophetic voice speaking and when it comes to prophecy, we listen and carry out what is asked from us”. I n 1998 and 2001, a group at the United Nations in New York discussing the topic ‘World Peace’, in particular peace between Israelis and Palestinians, invited Vassula to repeat what our Lord says in the messages on peace in the world. Frommeetings in prisons Frommeetings in India. Remain a nothing Love loves you