TLIG anniversary magazine

Bethlehem, Holy Land , 60 containers of food are distributed in rotation to about 150 families once a month. Fi- nancial assistance for the education of children is also provided. Barranco, Peru, 120 lunches are of- fered daily, from Monday to Friday. Dasmarinas, Philippines , 40 children are fed daily. In addition, medical care and clothing are provided. Tuau, Cagayan, Philippines , free medical assistance is provided; a meal is given every Friday to about 45 people. Manila, Philippines , 30–130 children come once a week to be fed, with many of them left to survive while both par- ents are in jail. Mountain Province, Philippines , 250 meals are brought once a week to the poor in the 8 villages and to the local prison. T R U E L I F E I N G O D 14 A testimony written by a beggar on a piece of board, his “bed” I n 1998, Vassula was inspired, through a vision, to initiate a project to feed the poor in the Holy Land. Still Vassula sought confirmation of the Lord’s will, through opening randomly the scriptures. She and a friend fell upon passages pertinent to Vassula’s discernment, including “Come to Mary’s house”. Now many “Beth Myriams” (houses of Mary) have opened around the world in several countries. The main thing that the people will be served there will be Love … the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ as we endeavour to serve Him by serving one another… but also a warm dinner and sometimes clothing, sometimes medical treatment and sometimes schooling. On May 23, 1986, Vassula’s Angel, Daniel, said to her: “collect money and give it to the poor needy souls; … be generous.” To the question “Who is giving this food?”, Vassula, inspired, tells helpers to reply: “Jesus and Mary, His Mother, are giving you this food!” To be able to continue their work, Beth Myriams rely on donations handled by volunteers working in Beth Myriams all over the world. Kenya, about 50 orphans from infants to 18 yrs old are offered a home as well as 3 meals a day. Medical assistance is supplied by the government. Beirut, Lebanon , more than 90 peo- ple receive a meal once a week. They can also take a shower and find clean clothes, rest and talk. In addition, in co- operation with the “Sisters of the Good Shepherd”, meals are distributed to 20 people in a Muslim area. Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1000 dishes of soup and bread are served daily. Cairo, Egypt, 200 people are fed, twice a week. W hen somebody calledme: “Fellow, I heard about a lady Mary who gives us food. Let’s go there so that we can eat!”, I said: “Where in this world does somebody remember miserable poor like us to feed us?” And he said: “There’s more: she gives clothes as well. They say it’s a very nice place. I won’t die of hunger”. He insisted so much that I finally went there. Then, when I saw, it was the house where the poor go and eat very well. This place has plenty of affection and tenderness, where everybody wash hands and pray before eating. I didn’t know how to pray, but I’ve learnt quickly. When I got out of there, I thought: “Can it be that I am dead and God is taking care of me?” The next day I went back there: the same thing again. On 11th January this year I felt ill insideMary’s House and vomited blood. The Maries 1 were serving, but they left everything and came to help me. One Mary called Samu 2 , it seems it was raining a lot; he stayed with me all the time. He took care of me while the others served. I had to stay in a hospital for a month. I’m already back to my Mary’s House. I sleep in the streets, but I’m no more hungry or cold, because Mary’s House exists. I don’t have a piece of paper, that’s why I write here. May the world see this letter I write to Mary. I am a beggar, nobody listen to me, but there is much love in the depth of the donors heart so that a house like that can exist. God bless this house and all the Maries who help. In my prayer, at night, I say: “God take care of Mary’s Houses and all the donors. Amen”. - A beggar, Brazil, 23/5/2003 1.“Maries”are the volunteers who work in Beth Myriam. People who are fed there call every one of them“Mary”. 2. Samu is a mobile health care service for emergencies.The beggar thinks that Samu is a person (a nurse or doctor probably). For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you made me welcome; naked and you clothed me, sick and you visited me, in prison and you came to see me. (Mt 25:35-37) Following is a sample of some of the Beth Myriams operating thanks to the selfless contribution of volunteers and continuing to increase: