TLIG anniversary magazine

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 12 Archbishop Frane Franic former President of the Episcopal Theological Commission of Yugoslavia. I n reading the books of the divine messages and knowing that the author, Mrs. Vassula Ryden, is a daughter of the Greek Orthodox Church, I was very impressed to find in them a fidelity and, I am firmly convinced, an absolute fidelity to all the revealed truths as taught and expounded by the Catholic Church. According to my humble but firm conviction, there is no error and there have never been any errors, either in the first books of Vassula nor in those that f o l l o w e d . There is no error when Vassula speaks about Christ calling him Abba or Jahweh, neither when she says that Christ will come in the world to bring a period of His peace, because it has to do with the historical return of Christ into thisworld through His Church, who during that period of Peace will be renewed; and then, the presence of Christ will be even more visible to all mankind in this world, as the Holy Virgin and Queen of Prophets was saying at Fatima, and as she is still prophecying now in Medjugorje. Therefore, I unite myself to all those Catholic bishops and theologians that defend the authenticity and sincere veracity of Vassula Ryden, seer and mystic, one of the greatest of our times. seer and mystic, one of the greatest of our times Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. Bishop of Jamshedpur, India I have read all the True Life In God books and meditated on their contents. I truly believe that the books contain the Divine Dialogue of the Holy Trinity, Our Lady and the Angels with h u m a n k i n d through Vassula Rydén. I have not found anything objectionable and anything contrary to the Church’s authentic authority on faith and morals. Reading these books and meditating on the contents are spiritually beneficial to all. I recommend these books to every Christian. Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Peter Sfeir , Maronite Patriarch of Antioch. From an address to True Life in God pilgrims in 2005. I believe that some of you have met Maronites in various countries, whether in Brazil, Australia, Canada, the United States or Venezuela. We are longing like you for this unity wanted by our Lord Jesus Christ when he said, “ be one as I and You my Father are one ”. We know that Mrs. Vassula has come before to Lebanon and is seeking to achieve this unity. We know as well that she has presented her writings and thoughts to the Apostolic Chair who published some writings concerning this subject. We intend that our faith be one in Jesus Christ who is our Redeemer and Saviour. If there were disagreements that happened throughout history for whatever reasons and purposes, we ask God to forgive us all our offenses and to bring us back to unity. This unity is our testimony to those who do not believe in Christ, as any divisions among us cannot generate belief, which is exactly what Our Lord Jesus Christ already pointed out. We pray with you for the sake of this unity, may God fulfill it in the image and on the date he deems appropriate. I ask God to open up the right paths for you and for us, so that we gain His approval, and so that we are able to testify totheworldatestimonyofunity. Cardinal Franjo Kuharic Archbishop of Zagreb February 1995 V assula travels the world evangelizing for Christian unity; obedience to the Pope; veneration of the Eucharist; devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; and especially, a Gospel morality of life; as well as for deep religious conversion of the world. Vassula has met with the Pope, with cardinals and with bishops around the world. This is a matter of private revelation and we allow her to speak because what she says conforms to Gospel truth. I recommend these books to every Christian Fr Edward D. O'Connor Professor of Theology at Notre Dame University, December 1999 I would like to say that reading her messages puts me in a spirit of prayer. I find myself quite convinced that Jesus is indeed speaking through them . To that, I would like to add that, as a professional theologian, I have always been watch- ing to see if these messages diverge in any way from the teaching of the Church. Never have I found any doctrinal error in them. That is very impressive. For a lay person, with no theological training, without even any serious catechetical in- struction, to write so many volumes about some of the profoundest spiritual mat- ters, and never make a mis-step, is an extraordinary achievement. It is a powerful confirmation that it is indeed the Lord himself who is the source of these writings.