TLIG anniversary magazine

T R U E L I F E I N G O D 10 Cardinal Telesphore Toppo Ranji, India President of the Bishops Conference The photo above was taken in Ephesus, Turkey, in 2007 as the Cardinal spoke to a group of 500 TLIG pilgrims: When people gather together, something happens. When Christians gather together, something Christian happens and this Christian thing is True Life In God , the explosion of the love of God. This is the meaning of True Life In God . As he finished, the Cardinal added: “The future of the church is True Life In God . And to say it better, the future of humanity.” Cardinal Toppo had introduced Vassula when she came to speak in his Diocese back in November of 2004: “The surprising thing is that Vassula did not have any catechetical instruction, leave alone theological training whatsoever and yet her charismatic teaching seems to be in conformity to Scripture, Tradition and the writings of Scholars and Saints...“ Niels Christian Hvidt, Associate Professor, Theol Dr., Research Unit Health, University of Southern Denmark I , Niels Christian Hvidt, had the opportunity to participate in the mass of the Holy Father in his Private Chapel on February 10th, 1998. I had with me the 10th Volume of True Life in God in French. Some months before, Vassula had dedicated it to the Holy Father and given the book to me. Inside, on the first page it said: “To the Holy Father John Paul II. May God bless you and protect you, Vassula”. When he came to me, I had the book in my hand. I said in German: “I have brought a very important book for you. It is the book of Vassula.” The Holy Father, with interest replied “Ah! Vassula!”. I then went on to say: “She has dedicated it for you”. With sincere and warm interest the Pope looked at the book, opened it and saw Vassula’s greeting and then said “Gott segne sie” - “May God bless her”. The Portuguese religious magazine ‘Annunciai a Boa Nova’, (November 14, 1997, pp. 565-567) published the following item: O n October 10, 1997, in a prayer meeting organized for Vassula in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, the auxiliary Bishop raised the question of the position of the Church regarding her writings. His Excellency, Bishop João Terra spoke to a crowd that numbered in the thousands. He introduced his remarks with these words: “ I would like to say a word of thanks, as auxiliary Bishop, for the joy that we are experiencing by the presence of Vassula here in Brasilia. Certainly it is an extraordinary grace. ” The bishop then went on to speak of the Church’s position: “This year we had the regional meeting of bishops with the Holy Father. I asked at that time about Vassula. Cardinal Ratzinger said ‘ I have been getting a mountain of letters from Cardinals ’. Bishop Victor Tielbeek from the diocese of Formosa (Brazil) then asked him ‘ But Cardinal, am I supposed to completely change (my support for her)?’ Cardinal Ratzinger answered ‘Continue as you have been doing until now, just be prudent’. The magazine footnotes this comment with the remark that this answer of Cardinal Ratzinger is perfectly in harmony with the order he gave in Mexico on May 10 of 1996: ‘ You may continue to promote her writings, but with discernment …’ ” Cardinal Ratzinger Confirms his Position on Vassula Ryden and True Life in God During a private audience with Cardinal Ratzinger in his office in the Vatican in November 2004, the Cardinal was asked, “ what will your office reply if anybody asks if the notification is still valid ”, his reply was…“ The situation has been modified ”. ( photo shows Vassula with the Cardinal after the meeting ) For several years an ongoing communication took place between the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) and Vassula. This communication modified the situation that emerged after the Notification published by the CDF in 1995. The dialogue between Vassula and the CDF was published in the latest editions of TLIG worldwide at the request of the CDF’s Prefect at that time, H.E. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now H.H. Pope Benedict XVI. The publication of this dialogue resulted in a letter dated 10th July 2004 which was signed by Cardinal Ratzinger himself to a number of Presidents of Episcopal Conferences who had expressed particular concern on Vassula and her writings. His Holiness explained to them in his letter that the position of the CDF has been modified towards Vassula and her writings. Pope Benedict wishes that everyone reads the questions put to Vassula and her answers. “The future of the Church is True Life in God”